Guess who’s back, back again? I’m finally back after my much-needed break from the social media ‘world’. I’ve been neglecting this blog recently and its only because I’m (kinda) indecisive and was contemplating leaving the blogging behind, since my life has been one huge roller coaster lately. But, after my friends talked some sense in to […]


It’s funny how different my previous post is to this one. A friend and I were discussing (she was making fun, actually -.-) my blog and how it doesn’t have a main topic or isn’t just about one thing, like beauty or strictly conspiracies or meditation. The thing is, I’m complex. I like different topics and […]


Hey, peeps! I’m back and more energized than ever! I know I’m taking really long breaks in between each post, but I have a lot going on right now😦. While I’ve been down/sick I’ve been visiting crystal shops and educating myself on different crystals and their uses. I understand that to most people, a lot of […]

Lately I’ve been MIA (Missing In Action) and I hate it. Actually, it’s mainly because I’ve been way too sick to function. I used to get sick a lot, and then I went through a phase of having a happy immune system, and now it just hates me – I’m sick ALL the time. And […]


Thajba I need your help !!!!! My friends made me dye my hair blonde and there’s really no difference whatsoever. I’m lightish brown, my roots only got lighter, I have thick long hair yet the actual hair itself is so fragile! If I straighten it with a machine or blow dry it for a few […]

jennys-sketchbook gratitude journal1

I have always been a positive person. I love seeing the good in every situation and no problem has ever been too difficult for me, but for the past two years I’ve fallen into the biggest rut. I went from being Ms. Sunshine to Ms. Doomsday in what seemed to be overnight. This blog post […]


Hello, beauties! Who doesn’t want softer and shinier hair? I know I do! When I tell people my hair is naturally super huge and curly, they don’t normally believe me because I never go out with my “natural” hair – until recently, that is. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect (natural) conditioner and […]