Trick Yourself Into Eating Smaller Portions!

Whether its fitness magazines, blogs or TV shows all of them have their own take on “tricking your mind” into eating less. I’ve tried most of them and they haven’t really done much for me, so I developed my trick! Everyone ALWAYS makes fun of me when I do this and call it “embarrassing”, but as long as it’s effective and I eat smaller portions, who cares?! This mainly works on sandwiches, burgers, Subway sandwiches, wraps – basically, anything with bread.


Ok, so this is a sandwich cut in half. Normally, you’d just eat the sandwich as a whole or eat the sandwich halves separately, correct? What I do is I eat everything separately. In other words, I take the first piece of toast from the first “half” (with whatever is on it like jam, peanut butter, cheese etc.) and eat it separately. Then, I take the bottom piece of the first half (toast) and eat it separately and repeat the same for the other half. That way, you end up eating four slices of toast versus the whole thing or separate halves. If you’re eating two sandwiches (four slices of toast) but cut each in half and then eat everything separately, it’ll feel like you’re eating eight small slices of toast when you’re really eating  just four. I’m so bad at describing things. I’m more of a talker, so I’m not sure I got the message across – Sorry!🙂😦

People always tell me; “what’s the point? It won’t taste as good”. The point is being full on smaller portions. If you’re going to focus more on it tasting perfectly then you should skip this post all together.

With burgers I do the same. I eat the top bun separately and the bottom half of the burger separately.

With Subway sandwiches, I get full from just the first half of the sandwich! I open the wrap up and eat almost everything inside, including the bread, separately. OR if I’m craving something tastier, I eat one as a whole and the other everything separately.

Obviously it would be tastier to have your meal all together, but would you rather be really full on just one half of the sandwich or both? This is the way I end up eating smaller portions. My friends tried it and were STUFFED from half the portion they normally would eat!

Rice & Others:

If you’re having rice, salad, popcorn, chips, french fries etc.; put it in a small bowl and bring an extra plate with you. Instead of eating it straight out of the bowl, put a small portion on your plate and eat it. If you’re still hungry, add some more to your plate and finish that. Repeat until you’re full. Normally; you’d be full before the entire bowl is finished. I tend to eat more when I just dump the entire bowl of rice on my plate – it sort of turns into a mission to finish what’s there, lol.

In the end.. it’s all about tricking your mind. Always use smaller plates. When you’re eating from a buffet, use the salad or starters plate instead of the huge main course one!



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